2014 Priorities and Goals

2014 Priorities and Goals

I’m this extremely loud, over the top, share too much of myself type person with strangers and acquaintances. Ironically, I can’t find that same voice in textual format. Every year I vow “this will be the year! This will be the year I write again!” Each year I fail. Each year I vow to find my voice – out loud and inside. Each year I fail.

This past year I had such a huge upheaval in my life. Did I cover it in any blog? Not really. I posted this extremely explanatory photo.


This was a MAJOR event in my life. I had worked in one career for 17 years since I was a teenager. I had dreams and goals for this job. However, at some point in the prior year, I finally decided enough is enough and left for a new opportunity. I’m not sure if I made the right choice or pulled a typical “me” where I make bad choices, but so far it seems like a good path to have gone down. *cross fingers* I won’t know for sure until probably 2014 ends or maybe halfway through the year. For now, I’m in some strange limbo of unknown.

This makes me paranoid. I like to know whats happening and I like to be in control. I don’t like being left behind or not being valued for what I can contribute. I am uncomfortable right now. This makes me even more nutso.  I don’t like when people hate me, but its inevitable as I have one of those personalities people


just…hate and find annoying.

To the point: My goals and priorites for 2014:

  1.  Re-discover myself – Learn who I was and recover the remnants of my teenage dreams and goals. Reclaim my individuality.
  2. Learn – To be patient, to breathe, to listen and not speak, how to schmooze
  3. Write – I was an avid writer in my youth, but stopped for about 10 years. I can get this back.
  4. Confidence – Stop doubting my abilities and comparing myself to other people’s skills.
  5. Keep my brain active – For the past two years, I started convincing myself I wasn’t as smart as I am. I am still struggling with this issue.
  6. Master something new
  7. Find some friends – I have none, zero, zilch. Even during my horrid middle school years and elementary years, I had at least one friend. I don’t have any real friends for the past years and its taking its toll on me.
  8. Rediscover my fashion – I worked in a job where I wore suits for approximately 13 years. Somehow, along the way I lost my sense of style for myself.
  9. Stop being a victim-  Be vocal. If someone is bullying me, tell them. Find a way to stop it.  Don’t let myself be a victim again.Image
  10. Health – I’ve sorely neglected my health for the past few years. Since I took this new job I’ve put on about 20 pounds in four months. I need to lose 50. I’m starting to feel the weight in my knees. I can’t wear half my clothing. This is…upsetting. I’ve also not seen a doctor in two years and before that three. I could have a horrible disease and I wouldn’t know.

There are plenty more priorities in my life this year, but these are my top 10. I am going to utilize this website to discover, flesh out, and work my way through them.

Here’s to 2014 being an awesome year!

Daily Prompt: Progress


I always have these grand schemes when I start a blog that I’ll post on it everyday and make myself heard, seen, known. I’ll be extremely excited to say “that’s right! This time I’ll be witty, funny, inspirational! People will read this and say ‘hey where have you been all my life’” Unfortunately, by the time I go through the *rigamarole of actually creating a blog and typing the first article, I have lost most of the “finesse” that I thought I had to start one. I chicken out, get writers block, decide no one gives a shit what I have to say. I post one post of slightly depressed or “informational” introductions and then everything after is a blank or just a cheap imitation of what I wanted it to be.

So what can you expect from this blog? I’m going to compile the random crap that comes up in my head and post it. There will be no general guideline, no theme, niche, or focus. If i try to focus on something, it makes me spastic and in a way unfocused. I’m going to try this an entirely different way and see what happens. I may succeed; I may fail. I expect failure, but that’s because I know myself and I know I don’t follow through.

Because people like stupid pictures on this website here’s one for you:


*Rigamarole – 2nd definition – ”long and complicated and confusing procedure; “all that academic rigmarole was a waste of time” The primary definition seems to fit me quite well: “a set of confused and meaningless statements”